Check List Carburettor Series 2E-E   2EE  Audi / VW


Check List Carburettor Series 2E-E            GB
Quick checks with assembled  carburettor     AUDI  /  VW
1. Remove air filter, check prethrottle for smooth running  (engine shut off, ignition off). 5. Perform leakage check onvacuum unit of 2nd stage. 9. Check idle speed control, engine at operating temperature.
2. Perform functional test of intake air preheater (function of thermovalve). (Vacuum unit leakage). 6. Check bypass heating forcurret by means of test lamp (in series). 10. Call flash code for idle CO sensor at operating temperature.
3. Check intake manifold preheater (hedgehog), Disconnect thermoswitch in coolant circuit and energize hedgehog. Within 2 min 120°C must be achieved. 7.Check electric float chamber switch valve (switching noise). 11. Read error buffer.
4. Check intake manifold and rubber flange for leakage (particulary lower side). 8. Check all terminals for corrosion and firm fit and cable loom for correct wiring.  Si0019  
Maintenance  Carburettor 2E-E   AUDI  / VW  /  Mercedes-Benz  / OPEL
Complaint : Possible Reason : Remedy :
Engine does not start in cold condition. Temperature sensor/primary throttle acuator defective. Replace temperature sensor/primary throttle acuator (F1).
Engine stops after cold start driveability. Heater honeycomb failed (Mercedes-Benz only). Replace heater honeycomb (presrntly no Pierburg part).
No/poor idling after cold start (2 to 3 min). Rubber flange distorted on lower side (not detectable by spraying). Install rubber flange  3.50001.33 VW    (R1/R2/R3)      Mercedes-Benz =    3.50001.31 / Opel = 3.50001.32
Poor driveability with cold engine. Intake manifold preheater (hedgehog) failed (check temperature according to check list). Replace intake manifold preheater (2) 4.07316.02
Poor driveability particulary with cold engine. Armature of primary throttle actuator turned. Check primary throttle actuator with ring gauge."Caution:do not apply battery voltage", and replace, if necessary.  4.07360.07  + Ti206
Poor transition during acceleration. Throttle valve potentiometer/ primary throttle actuator defective. Replace throttle valve potentiometer (B1/B2) /primary throttle actuator (F1). Ti191
Idle speed not constant (control failed). Throttler valve actuator/throttle valve potentiometer devective. Replace and adjust throttle valve actuator (C1/C2) /throttle valve potentiometer (B1/B2)
Temporarily no iding with engine at operating  temperature. Charcoal valve stays temporarily open. Check by disconnecting hose, replace valve, if necessary.
Engine speed remains temporarily high (approx,3000/min) when slowly reducing accelerator position. Check throttle valve actuator potentiometer as described in  Ti194 . If resistance valve jumps, replace throttle valve actuator.
Temporarily or continuously elevated idle speed. Plug connector of throttle valve actuator loose (occurs ofter, since cable is short and throttle valve actuator difficult accessible) . Check throttle valve actuator, replace, when high resistance is indicated and fasten plug connector securely.
Engine idles erratically. Mixture control screw (RG)misadjusted or lambda sensor defective. Check CO adjestment (flash code), check lambda sensor and replace, if necessary.
Rough idling, part load jerking, idle speed not adjustable. Rubber flange leaking. Replace rubber flange (R1/R2/R3) , check idle setting.
Motor stops during deceleration after wide open throttle driving. Main jet cut-off defective, Replace main jet cut-off. Set 4.07304.02 adjustment to 1,5mm between jet support and plate.
Poor starting in hot condition. Float chamber switch valve defective, engine overflow. Replace float chamber switch valve (K1).
Poor driveability with hot engine. Vapour bubble formation and foaming of float chamber. Install pressure regulator 7.21517.02 between vapour separator and carburettor.
Repair Kits  Carburettor  2E-E

During assembly use gasket kit  4.01249.04

Throttle valve potentiometer 4.07317.20 VW 4.07279.65  Opel Throttle valve potentiometer 4.07317.01 Mercedes-Benz
VW + Opel     Mercedes-Benz    
Float kit  4.07266.22

all 2E2 / 2E3 / 2E-E

Primary throttle actuator    4.07282.02 Merced 
4.07282.06 with connector  4.07282.07 with cable  VW-Passat + Audi 80
A0000711729  A0000700165
Throttle valve actuator 4.07279.95  all VW


all carburettors except       7.18149.05  + 7.18149.06 Throttle valve actuator    4.07279.27  --07.88 4.07279.71 07.88--- A0000700265
VW + Opel 4.07281.06  Opel   Mercedes-Benz    
Bypass heater kit


4.07298.00 ---- 09.87 4.07298.07 09.87----- VW Bypass heater kit 4.07298.02
VW     Mercedes-Benz    
Ventilation switch 4.07304.08  VW  4.07304.01 Merced. Main jet cut-off kit



VW +       Mercedes-Benz

Lever arm kit    Ti216A 4.07301.08  VW + Mercedes-Benz  4.07301.09  Opel Ti217.1 4.07301.17 VW
idle mixture control screw    CO     7.18167.63  all VW
Vapour separator kit 4.07303.07 Vacuum unit depression bellows

Mercedes-Benz .....

4.07271.08 VW  +Opel -    4.07271.08 ---07.88 4.07271.23 07.88---
Rubber flange  Mercedes - Benz  3.50001.31 Rubber flange    Opel



Rubber flange

3.50001.33 VW  050129761
4.07316.02  VW    1)  4.07370.04

2)  4.07370.02

3)  4.07370.00

4)  4.07370.03

  Werkzeuge + Tester

digital thermometer

manual vacuum pump


vacuum tester


Ti...  =  "Infos"   /  "Ti's"  !! klick

19 + 20 + 21 = 4.09414.95


 19. needle controlled air jet

 20. air jet needle



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